knife & edged weapons  awareness programme

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Knife and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme

It's a daily routine for the papers and the evening news; another edged weapons crime, another knife statistic. In an age where you are more likely to be killed by an edged weapon - and the variety of edged weapons excluding knives is both varied and abundant - it makes sense to prepare yourself (or your loved ones) with a little training and education....that’s where KEWAP comes in. KEWAP isn't about knife fighting, unarmed combat, or military orientated technique practice, it's about understanding the dangers, educating and preparation.

KEWAP teaches you that there's nothing cool about carrying a knife and highlights the life changing risks, knife carriers are exposing themselves to. KEWAP teaches you that not every edged weapon is a knife, everyday household items have been used in edged weapon attacks. KEWAP teaches you some very simple, when all else fails knife defence strategies. We offer be-spoke class room style presentaion couple with basic safety techniques including the legalities of carrying and useing edged weapons. In addition we also feature KEWAP elements during our self-defence and adult martial art classes as well as running periodic seminar sessions for our junior students.

KEWAP, knife and edged weapons awareness programme created and owned by Steve Timperley