Knife & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme



Knife and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme

KEWAP was created by Steve Timperley. Steven, who served 22 years with the British Army holds a wide variety of national accredited qualifications to instruct weapons awareness and recognition, physical intervention and fitness related activities. He is also highly qualified to teach personal security, self-defence and an array of pragmatic martial arts systems. Over the years he has amassed a wealth of practical knowledge and firsthand experience relating directly to violence in its various forms.

The first member of the Combined Armed Forces to have received the highly prestigious 'Lifetime Achievement Award' from the Register of Exercise Professionals in 2004 Steven created KEWAP in response to some of the 'knife awareness' courses he has experienced over the years. He found many to be 'technique heavy', biased towards physical confrontation and over elaborate disarming techniques suited only to experienced martial artists.

KEWAP employs few techniques and those that are taught are geared to those without martial or self defence experience. In fact key elements of KEWAP endorse non-combatant approaches to safety where distance, avoidance and awareness are the keys. Coupled with a host of presentation elements geared towards young and old KEWAP offers a unique insight into knife crime and knife awareness.

KEWAP Instructors

All KEWAP instructors have been certified by Steve to hold and present his KEWAP knife and edged weapons awareness courses. In most cases these instructors will have local accreditation regarding CRB validity which enables them to present to young children. You can check the availability of KEWAP instructors on Steve's UKMAA website.

For more details about Steve and KEWAP please visit his sites:

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